The new European Timber Regulation: A global impact on the trade of wood-based products

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Do you produce, distribute or purchase timber products? Discover all you need to know about the new regulations banning organisations and individuals from using illegal wood products.

Our sustainability experts bring you a set of guidelines, which if followed, ensure you meet all legal regulations required. 

The guideline text covers: 

• An overview of the EUTR regulation

• The impact of the regulation on the various operators throughout the supply-chain

• The cost-efficient and practical timber due diligence solution proposed by Bureau Veritas

The USA Lacey Act revised in 2008, the EU Timber Regulation (No. 995/2010) (EUTR) adopted in 2010 and the new Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act of 2012 are all setting new legal frameworks that will affect the forest and timber industries worldwide. These new legal frameworks not only require wood exporting countries but also final consumers to assume responsibility for the forests of the world.

Unlike voluntary certification schemes, such as FSC or PEFC, these new regulations establish strict legislative requirements; any company that cannot demonstrate compliance runs the risk of being driven out of the European, USA and Australian markets.

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