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Children's Books Testing

Safety testing for the European Market

Business Challenge

Designers, editors and publishers on the children’s books market must ensure that their products are safe, good quality and compliant with the latest safety regulations. One of the crucial issues is to know when a children’s book is a toy and when it is a book; the answer to this question will determine the regulatory framework applicable to the product. Any books falling under the definition of a toy will have to be compliant with the new Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC if sold on the European market. Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, the number one in toy testing worldwide, can help businesses in the publishing industry understand their obligations, assist them in marketing safe and compliant children’s books and ultimately protect their brands.


Our approach is to provide you with comprehensive services, including testing and technical consultancy, for all your children’s books, whatever the materials they are made from. The first step of the process will be defining if a children’s book is a toy or not. Definition of a toy as per the new EU Toy Safety Directive: “Any product designed or intended, whether or not exclusively, for use in play by children under 14 years of age”. The “play value” of a book could be determined by key criteria such as the number of pages, the type of materials used, the sensory elements of the book, the level of details, the colour levels/contrasts and electronic features.

Why Choose Bureau Veritas?

We are appointed as a Notified Body in France & the UK, giving us a unique insight into the hazards associated with a wide variety of toys and juvenile products. Bureau Veritas are the world's number one in toy testing.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the other requirements of the Toy Safety Directive?

    Being able to bring together and show all the documentation in a product’s Technical File history is another major change of the new Toy Safety Directive. To help companies address these new responsibilities, we have developed a sophisticated service and system for your Technical File Management. Our solution ranges from checking that your technical file has all the relevant documentation to a full assessment of the contents and approach.

  • What other types of toys can you test?

    We can test a variety of products including soft toys, Construction toys, Electrical and electronic toys, Action figures, Accessories, Ride-on toys, Children's Bicycles, Balls, Games, Dolls, Art & craft materials, Seasonal novelties, Collectibles etc.

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