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Electrical safety for seasonal lighting

Protecting your consumers and your brand

Business Challenge

In today’s competitive marketplace, selling, manufacturing or distributing electrical products while making sure that they are safe, good quality, comply with a variety of changing regulatory requirements, and yet still competitive, is an increasingly difficult task. Added to these issues is the need to protect your brands and your company from the risks posed by non-compliance, component failure and the environmental and ethical expectations that consumers are expecting in all areas of consumer product manufacture.

In recent years, there has been an increase in reported accidents in the UK for Christmas lighting products, in some cases, resulting in costly and brand-damaging product recalls by high street retailers.


Our UKAS accredited laboratory in Warrington, Cheshire, offers a full range of safety, quality assurance, benchmarking and compliance testing services for any type of seasonal lighting products – outdoor, indoor, bulbs or LEDs. With a fast turnaround of tests and access to a global network of expertise, our Electrical laboratory proves to be an excellent choice for manufacturers, retailers and distributors of seasonal lightings to enable them to sell their products in confidence.

If you need to test your products closer to source (i.e. China, India, Korea ect), our global network of electrical laboratories also provides full testing and compliance services.

Why Choose Bureau Veritas?

UKAS, CNAL, HOKLAS and Large Retailers Compliance Accreditations: to make sure your compliance and testing satisfy the requirements of your key market and major customers.

Technical Knowledge: our consultants participate in the development of industry and regulatory standards worldwide, keeping you and us at the forefront of changes in regulations and testing methods.

Global capability: with over 40,000 staff (over 7,500 dedicated to consumer products) in more than 140 countries, we have the resources to support your business.

First-class customer services, quick turn- around and competitive prices.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Bureau Veritas lab accredited?

    We are UKAS, CNAL, HOKLAS accredited to make sure your compliance and testing satisfy the requirements of your key market and major customers.

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