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Trampoline Safety Testing

EU compliance of domestic trampolines


Domestic trampolines for use by children (and only this category) are usually considered to be toys under the Toy Safety Directive. The EU standard EN71-14, published in December 2014, specifies requirements and test methods for trampolines for domestic use, their access devices and their enclosures, intended for outdoor and/or indoor use above ground level by one person at a time.

The standard splits domestic trampolines into three separate categories (mini, medium or large) depending upon frame size, frame height and maximum user weight. The scope includes the very small trampolines with a handle that are intended for quite young children, right up to the very large ones that are usually used in domestic back gardens.


Manufacturers, Importers and Retailers of domestic trampolines must ensure that the general requirements of EN71-14 are met. These include:


§  mini-trampolines intended for indoor use shall be provided with anti-slip feet

§  medium and large trampolines shall be equipped with an enclosure (which is subject to various requirements)

§  durability of materials (both metallic and non-metallic parts)

§  prevention of (finger, head, neck, foot) entrapment

§  sharp edges, sharp points, protruding parts

§  access devices, e.g. ladders

§  padding requirements

§  impact resistance

§  strength (of frame, access devices and enclosures)

§  mat deflection

§  stability

§  warnings, marking and instructions



Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services UK have developed testing capabilities for domestic trampolines. We are able to test any size of domestic trampolines to the majority of EN71-14 “Safety of Toys – Trampolines for Domestic Use” at our UK facilities.


In addition to compliance testing, our UK laboratory offers related services such as:  

§  Risk Assessment

§  EC-type Examination

§  Benchmarking Testing

§  Technical Consultancy

§  Seminars & Training


  • Technical Knowledge: our consultants participate in the development of toy industry and regulatory standards worldwide, keeping you and us at the forefront of changes in regulations and testing methods.
  • Global capability: with over 62,000 employees (over 12,000 dedicated to consumer products) in more than 140 countries, we have the resources to support your business wherever you need.
  •  World-class customer services, quick turn-around and competitive prices.


  • What is the EU standard related to domestic trampolines in Europe?

    EN71-14: "Safety of Toys - Trampolines for Domestic Use"

  • Which types of trampolines are not covered by the EN71-14 standard?

    The scope of this European Standard excludes:

    Trampolines used as gymnastic equipment, covered by EN 13219;
    Floating inflatable trampolines, covered by the EN 15649 series;
    Trampolines used in public playgrounds;
    Inclined mat trampolines;
    Inflatable trampolines;
    Fitness trampolines, including trampolines for medical use;
    Trampolines with additional features, e.g. tents, basket ball hoop;
    Trampolines for domestic use buried at ground level.

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