Career Stories: Claudia Cinaglia


A recent addition to the Bureau Veritas Technical Quality and Risk (TQR) team in Manchester, Claudia Cinaglia is our UK quality manager, responsible for shaping the internal processes which ensure the continued quality of our service.

Here she discusses her vital role in supporting the Bureau Veritas business, recaps her career move from Italy to the UK, and describes the personal satisfaction and pride she feels as a result.

Tell us about your journey to join the Bureau Veritas team.

I initially completed a master’s degree in architecture, after which it was thanks to a course on Quality, Health and Safety Management and my background that I was able to secure an internship working with a testing, inspection and certification body in the construction industry.

I worked in a dual role between the marketing and internal quality teams but it was with the quality team that I had a real opportunity to observe experienced colleagues and get a true feel for the job that they did.

This experience helped me to secure another intern post with Bureau Veritas as part of the TQR team in Italy and on completion I was offered a role in Milan. My most recent step was to swap Italy for the UK as I took on this new role with Bureau Veritas UK.

What drew you to TQR within Bureau Veritas?

Technical quality and risk works as a support function for the business by developing and implementing a standard approach within the many different service lines. This to ensure that the management system operates in the best way possible, complying with the specific requirements of our sector.

Each service has its own individual requirements, so finding a consistent standard across all sectors can be challenging but it does mean there’s always something new to learn. I have visibility and touchpoints with the entire business, from the technical science behind the services we offer to the human element – including how the benefits are delivered to clients.

It takes a very broad skillset to be able to influence the entire business in this way but the most important are people skills. I must ensure everyone is pleased with the systems in place and can work comfortably within them, whilst still achieving the necessary certification and accreditation standards.

How have you found the transition from Bureau Veritas Italy to Bureau Veritas UK?

It’s a very different culture, particularly when it comes to attitudes to process control and improvement. In the UK, quality and customer satisfaction are acknowledged by the leadership team and shown through communication such as the CEO’s quarterly roadshows, which are very motivating.

All processes are designed by managers in order to reduce errors and delays, although I recognise that the number of people and the different functions involved in each service will inevitably pose a challenge for me.

In comparison, services in Italy are more customised and there are many projects for new certification and assessment schemes.

What are your aspirations as a part of the UK team?

I would really like to ensure that the new quality management system is well perceived and that will only be achieved if we can develop a more consistent way to access information. Once all the processes have been collated I will focus on creating a new way to ensure everyone in the business can easily implement the standards.

Having a system in place with the information always available and up-to-date will help support this and it should prove to be a great asset to everyone’s working day. By creating a process based on how people would more naturally complete their responsibilities and then tailoring it to better meet the appropriate requirements, we can ensure it can be run effectively whilst minimising the impact for users.

Ideally, by being more involved with projects and changes within the company, I can develop the system as the business continues to grow and evolve. The fact that the company is always changing is what keeps me on my toes.

How will the work you are doing now impact everyone else at Bureau Veritas?

Regardless of how long you’ve been in the company, you may not always have the information you need, especially in such a big and continuously evolving organisation. This challenge, together with the numerous processes to be followed, can leave people feeling frustrated.

My aim is to allow people to quickly find the explanation they are looking for, ensuring everyone can understand the standards defined within the company. My target is to create this go-to system which will serve as a point of reference for everyone’s working day, without the need for comprehensive training or understanding.

What can others learn from you?

For me, when I finished my studies it was a very difficult moment in my life, but I took the opportunity to reinvent myself. Despite starting this new path in something I didn’t study during my years at university, I really feel I’ve found the career for me, which gives me a huge amount of satisfaction and fulfilment.

The message I’d like to tell people is that it can sometimes seem overwhelming to face changes, but this is when you have to push yourself the most, show humility in your actions, be willing to adapt to the new situation and most importantly have confidence in yourself. If you’re prepared to do all these things then any change you face won’t seem so challenging, not even moving to another country, leaving a life and career in Italy.

I believe it’s important not to accept a situation you are not completely happy with but to push yourself forward to meet your goals. Reinventing and adapting my career to achieve my goals is what I am most proud of and I would encourage others to do the same so they can find fulfilment in what they do too. 

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